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Team Chat means Business

Communicate instantly and on the go. Get fast decisions in real time. No matter if your team is next door or distributed around the planet.

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Pro Feature Team Chat increases productivity in your business by streamlining your communication. No matter if you a need quick update on an issue or if you would like to discuss a recent repository commit — feedback from your team is just a quick chat message away. Using Planio in your browser or your favorite IRC client on your smartphone — Team Chat makes it easy to be online with your team wherever you go.

Already using Planio? Check out our video tutorials on setting up chat on your favourite chat clients.

Seamless integration and notifications

Needless to say that Team Chat integrates with all other features of Planio. Discussing an issue in the chat? Your chat history will be easily accessible from that issue. Discussing a wiki page or a document? Post it to the chat and it will be linked automatically. Links to external content like videos or tweets will be expanded as well. Need a colleague on the chat? Simply mention their name and they will receive a notification to come online.

Team Chat integrates tightly with Planio
Team Chat integrates tightly with Planio

Find discussions using Search

All conversations in Team Chat will be archived right in the corresponding Planio project. This way, everybody can simply look up what has been said on a subject and absent people can catch up on past chats easily. Planio's activity stream and search feature make finding any piece of information super easy. If connecting using a chat client over IRC, Team Chat will always replay all messages from when you disconnected, so you won't miss a thing.

Find chat messages in search
Find chat messages in search

Use your favorite IRC client

In the spirit of Open Source and open protocols, using Team Chat on your desktop or smartphone will not require a proprietary client. Keep using your favorite chat client and connect it to Planio. With Team Chat, your Planio account is a fully-fledged IRC server and you can connect securely with any client app that supports IRC. Every Planio project will have its own channel and access control can be configured using Planio's roles and permissions.

Of course, you can use Team Chat directly in the browser, too!

Using Team Chat in <a href="">Colloquy</a> for the Mac
Using Team Chat in Colloquy for the Mac

Benefits of Team Chat

  • In the moment: Instant business chat and clutter-free communication.
  • On the go: Don't be tied to your desk all day. Take Team Chat with you.
  • Fully integrated: Planio content and external media — everything is linked together.
  • Searchable: Chats are securely archived and instantly searchable.
  • Highly Secure: Chats are always encrypted and only authorized people can access the chat history.
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