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Issue Management On-the-go

Use an e-mail to create, update or edit an issue while traveling! One simple e-mail is all it takes to gain control over your project tasks.

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Imagine waiting at the airport and you suddenly remember that you need to send a critical project issue to a colleague. Although your tablet is buried deep in your carry-on, your smartphone is handy. With Planio's e-mail drop box, it's not a problem: just compose a new e-mail, select the project e-mail address, and enter assignment, priority & description details in the e-mail body. Need to modify its status? Just touch "Reply," update the issue, and click "Send." It's that easy! Oh, and if you use e-mail encryption, Planio will happily send and receive all e-mails fully encrypted.

Creating an Issue the Easy Way

Task creation while traveling is extraordinarily straightforward with the Planio Drop Box — all you need is e-mail access (e.g., a smartphone) and an internet connection. Each project is assigned a unique e-mail address and you can create a new task by simply sending or forwarding an e-mail to your project. The e-mail's subject is your task name and the body can be used to specify all task fields, such as description, status, priority, etc.

Using the E-Mail Drop Box to create an issue
Using the E-Mail Drop Box to create an issue

Updating Tasks from Anywhere

Receive an automatic e-mail issue notification from Planio and need to update the issue's status? No problem — just touch "Reply" on your smartphone's e-mail client, modify the status field in the body of your e-mail (e.g., Status: Complete), and touch "Send." That's it! In fact, you can modify any existing task field (e.g., different assignee, upgraded priority, etc.) and even update a custom field. Need to add a file to the task? Just select an e-mail attachment!

Updating the status of an issue
Updating the status of an issue

Drop Box and CRM Integration

Thanks to the integration of the E-mail Drop Box with Planio's CRM & Helpdesk feature, your customers can communicate directly with you within the Planio environment! In practice, this means that non-Planio users (e.g., potential customers) can effectively create and update project issues using the E-mail Drop Box infrastructure. The integration enables you to use automated replies and select structured message content when replying to your customers.

Replying to a customer using a CRM template
Replying to a customer using a CRM template

Mobile Task Management

  • Keep track of your project from any location with e-mail based issue management.
  • Add a project's e-mail to your mobile's contact list for fast issue creation.
  • Just touch/click "Reply" to any project notification e-mail to update a task.
  • Reach out to customers by enabling them to be a part of your project structure.
  • Add a file to a project task by simply selecting an e-mail attachment.
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