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Wiki and Wireframe Integration

Design and share your UI concepts, interactive wireframes, and prototypes within the Planio wiki!

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Pidoco is an exciting web-based tool that enables you to easily create UI prototypes and interactive wireframes for your development projects. Better yet, with Planio’s integrative features, you can now import your wireframe creations directly onto your wiki pages! This integrative approach is a great opportunity for you to quickly share your wireframing concepts with your team within Planio’s project management environment.

Selecting a Wireframe

After a few simple configuration steps you will be able to easily import Pidoco wireframes directly into your wiki pages. When editing a wiki page, simply click on the Pidoco icon and, in the drop-down menu, select an available prototype. It’s as easy as that! The relevant import code will automatically appear on your edit wiki interface — when the page is saved, the wireframe will appear as a graphic on your wiki page. Project members can also ‘watch’ wiki pages and be automatically notified when a change occurs!

Selecting a Pidoco prototype in a Planio wiki
Selecting a Pidoco prototype in a Planio wiki

Setting It Up... Easy Peasy!

Configuring Planio to work with Pidoco is pretty straightforward—which is a good thing, as you’ll have more time to share wireframes in Planio! The first big step is enabling Pidoco for your project... this can be done in your project’s Settings. After setting up your account on Pidoco, just view your prototype page of choice, browse to Share this Prototype, select Get a Link to this Prototype, and copy the URL text for the PNG field. Last step: in Planio, browse to a project's Settings → click the Pidoco tab, create a new Pidoco API Key, paste the URL, and click Create. All done!

Configuring Pidoco and importing a prototype
Configuring Pidoco and importing a prototype
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