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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra enjoys recognition as one of the finest orchestras across the globe. Following a tradition dating back to 1891, the CSO can be admired in hundreds of performances throughout the year in Chicago and at tours all over the world.

Not only the musicians at Chicago Symphony Orchestra are playing in harmony. Thanks to their recent switch to Planio, the growing team of web and content developers at CSO are now conducting their projects in perfect orchestration.

Finally found the right tool

Running the software and systems that back a world-class ensemble and venue is no easy task. From programming to ticket sales and subscriptions to rich content and mobile platforms as well as social media: there’s a lot going on for an orchestra house in the digital age.

Having tried many different tools and vendors for project management and collaboration in the past with moderate success, Sean Hopp and his team were looking for a solution that did it right.

Planio adapts to your requirements – and not vice versa

Having his developers work on many different projects at one time has become fun again. Planio helps to visualize the current status of every initiative, down to single tasks and hours tracked. And when it comes to reports for management, Planio’s powerful reporting engine has Sean’s team covered.

Working with different development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio as well as Apple Xcode for iOS apps has become easy with Planio’s Subversion repositories. Every line of code checked in is stored securely and can be accessed by Sean and his team, not only from within the IDE, but also remotely, from any computer at home or at the office.

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