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Redmine, Planio, and Open Source

Learn about our dedication to the Open Source community and how our relationship with Redmine enables us to bring you the Planio web app.

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The Planio project management platform is a robust web app that reflects a unique combination of traditional Open Source development with our dedicated in-house development approach. The end result is a stable and secure product that addresses the project needs of organizations while promoting the underlying philosophies of the Open Source movement.

Planio and Redmine

Planio is based on Redmine, an open source Ruby on Rails-based software project. Planio is close to Redmine in terms of its core coding, though Planio has several enhancements. We use a state-of-the-art version of Redmine that has been fully tested by our team. In fact, though we update our version regularly, we are not on the cutting edge because we give time for Redmine versions to become stable. The end result is that our customers can access an app that is stable and fully tested.

Open Source Means Freedom

We are a big supporter of the Open Source philosophy and believe that sharing information for the sake of learning not only benefits the individual, but the IT community as a whole. We also extend this to Planio: We will import your existing data for free. And should you ever cancel Planio, you can always export your data so that you can work with Redmine on your own server without being dependent on us. While we would be sorry to see you go, we realize that freedom of information is ultimately the standard by which the Open Source philosophy adheres.

Open Source Means Security

The use of Open Source principles in software development has resulted in a significant advancement in system security. Openly accessible code means that any developer can access, and improve, coding data. From a security standpoint, this means that bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered much faster compared to a proprietary environment. The increased speed of development (and thousands of trained professionals examining code) results in software that is security hardened vs real-world risks.

Planio and Open Source

As proponents of the Open Source philosophy, we make every attempt to give back to the community. In addition to our refinement of Redmine coding via testing, we contribute by maintaining Planio-friendly plugins, releasing parts of our own code, submitting patches, and serving as volunteers on Redmine’s security team. We are dedicated to the benefits that Open Source can bring to the IT community as a whole and are likewise committed to developing a product that always meets your expectations.

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