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Dans le cloud Redmine et l’open source

We move your data to Planio for free

Want to switch, but your data is stuck in your old system? We will migrate your existing data for free!

Essayez gratuitement !

At Planio, we believe that your data should be free! Don’t keep your outdated project management service around just because they hold your data hostage.

Simply call Planio and our highly skilled data extraction team will help and free your data. For free.

One-on-one support from A to Z

To ensure a smooth transition, you will have a personal Planio data extraction engineer at your side.

We will help you get your data out of your existing platform, transmit it securely to Planio and we will personally analyze and migrate your data.

Before the final switchover, we will discuss your individual options for a migration and tell you what and how data can be imported.

We follow your schedule for seamless migration

To ensure minimal downtime, we will work around your schedule for the final switchover to Planio. Want to migrate over night or on the weekend to reduce friction for your team? No problem at all.

Simply get in touch ahead of time to schedule an individual 8 hour migration window. Unscheduled migrations are performed as fast as possible, within 3 working days at most.

Which platforms are supported?

At Planio, data migration is a personal business. Depending on your previous platform, the features used, and the available export formats, we will always try and find a solution that mirrors your existing data structure as close as possible.

Some platforms we import from regularly and without problems are:

  • Redmine (including ChiliProject)
  • Jira
  • Trac
  • Mantis
  • Bugzilla
  • Subversion, Git, Mercurial
  • CSV, Excel, OpenOffice

Unfortunately, some vendors make their data formats very complex or change with every new version of a product, for example Microsoft Project. In those rare cases, we must pass. But we will try our best to find a next best alternative (e.g. export/import via CSV) whenever we can. Just ask us!

That’s too good to be true. Why is it free?

We believe that good business comes from successful customers. Making you successful is our primary goal and giving you a head start with your existing data has always been a central part of that.

Yes, sometimes our engineers invest a lot of time in a single migration. But almost all of the clients we’ve helped this way are still happy and paying Planio customers today.

For us it’s an investment for a great business relationship to come.

Schedule your free import today!

Many platforms supported. Free for new customers.

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