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Planio: A Reasonably Priced GitHub Alternative

GitHub's new pricing getting you down, because your monthly bill has skyrocketed?
Here's a guide to how Planio and GitHub match up.



Issue Tracking
Time Tracking
Traditional Project Management
Agile Project Management
Knowledge Management
Repository Hosting
Help Desk
Team Chat
File Management
Custom Fields

Put Planio vs. GitHub to the Test

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A Unified Issue Tracker with Unlimited Private Repos

Even though Planio comes with unlimited private Git repos, it is much more than just a repository hosting service. Planio offers repo hosting combined with a simple yet very customizable issue tracker and collaboration platform. You can collect conversations, lessons learned and procedures in wikis, checklists and templates. You can track tasks, time and progress — and integrate all of that with your Git commits & history.

Planio is up to 4x Better Value than GitHub

GitHub recently changed their pricing model, now offering unlimited free repos but charging for all users involved – even pending invitations and outside collaborators.[1] Planio does not charge for inactive users and is competitively priced against GitHub. See for yourself:

Calculate your savings!


  • GitHub

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Planio Focuses on Security and Privacy

With GitHub's hosted offerings your data will be transferred to the United States. At Planio, we store your personal information and project data exclusively on our own servers in Germany. We obey Germany's strict laws about data protection and privacy. It is illegal for anyone here to use or share your data without your consent.


Free, Painless Migrations that Just Work

Currently using GitHub? We offer free migrations for existing GitHub users. We’ll organize a time that suits you, and our experienced engineers will help you make the switch.

Free Phone and Email Support

While we weren't able find a support phone number on GitHub's website, the team at Planio will always be happy to answer your calls, emails and support chats.

Have a question? You can ring us on +1 (212) 498-9577 or +49 (30) 577 00 00-0 from Europe to chat. Or send us an email at support(at)plan.io.

A Word From a Happy Planio Customer

What customers say

« I wanted to find a project planning tool that makes my life easier. I found Planio and I am very glad I did. It works great and the support is better than I expected. »
Read this and more reviews at Trustpilot

— Henk van der Zee, Netherlands

Put Planio vs. GitHub to the Test

Testez Planio gratuitement pendant 30 jours

Pas besoin de carte bancaire. L’inscription ne prend que 60 secondes.

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