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Redmine vs. Basecamp: Alternative gesucht?

Trying to decide between Basecamp or alternatives such as Redmine by Planio?
Our comparison guide will help you make the call.


Redmine by


Klassisches Projekt-Management
Agiles Projekt-Management
Help Desk
Team Chat
Dateiablage & Synchr.
Customizing & Flexibilität

Planio vs. Basecamp – jetzt vergleichen!

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What is Redmine by Planio?

Planio is a commercial version of Redmine – provided by a group of experts behind the open source project. At Planio, you’ll have an always up-to-date version of Redmine with an improved user interface and extra features such as Agile boards, Git & Subversion hosting, a fully-fledged Help Desk solution as well as well-integrated Team Chat.

Planio helps you store more than just a To-Do list. You can collect conversations, lessons learned and procedures in wikis, checklists and templates. You can track tasks, time and progress all in Planio.

Planio Focuses on Security and Privacy

Basecamp will transfer your data to the United States. At Planio, we store your personal information and project data exclusively on our own servers in Germany. We obey Germany’s strict laws about data protection and privacy. It is illegal for anyone here to use or share your data without your consent.

Free, Painless Migrations that Just Work

Currently using Basecamp? We offer free migrations for existing Basecamp users. We’ll organize a time that suits you, and our experienced engineers will help you make the switch.

FĂĽr online Projektmanagement mit Planio sprechen viele GrĂĽnde. Und unsere Kunden.

Free Phone and Email Support

While we weren't able find a phone number on Basecamp's website, the team at Planio will always be happy to answer your calls, emails and support chats.

Have a question? You can ring us on +1 (212) 498-9577 or +49 (30) 577 00 00-0 from Europe to chat. Or send us an email at kundenservice(at)plan.io.

A Word From a Happy Planio Customer

„Before, I was using Basecamp for our projects. One of the flaws with Basecamp is that you can't set up complex projects. If you have to manage a team or if it's a longer project with task dependencies, Planio is a much better fit.“
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— Timon Royer, CEO, POWERIGEL Consulting

Planio vs. Basecamp – jetzt vergleichen!

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