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Keeping up with Data... Elegantly!

Want to sync a local folder with a Planio repository? Need to review and share changes for your content? Check out Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is an elegant SVN client designed specifically for the Mac. It is built on Subversion, a popular version control system well-known for its performance, flexibility, and scalability. Cornerstone excels in tracking & displaying changes to data; its comparison tools enable users to view differences in multi-language formats. Better yet, Planio is now integrated into the Cornerstone environment — so you can now easily sync a local folder with your Planio repositories using your Mac!

Planio and Cornerstone Integration

Getting Cornerstone to work with Planio is straight-forward:

  1. Browse to the Repository tab within the desired Planio project.
  2. Click on Help in order to display the repository help and info.
  3. Copy the SVN URL that starts with https://your-domain.plan.io/…
  4. In Cornerstone, click on Add Repository, your repo info should get filled in automatically.
  5. Enter your Planio username and password, click Add — done!
Adding a Planio Repository to Cornerstone
Adding a Planio Repository to Cornerstone

Version Control for your Mac

Cornerstone offers enterprise-level version control in a friendly, easy-to-use interface. It excels at keeping track of changes in ways that make sense (e.g., highlighted code based on language). Content can be compared side-by-side with changes highlighted and you can quickly branch & merge content together, or cherry pick data, as needed. Recent changes can be viewed using a log view while a longer-term history can be examined using a timeline view. Built on Subversion (open source), Cornerstone offers both flexibility and scalability for your enterprise.

Browsing the history of a file
Browsing the history of a file
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Working With Planio

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