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sausel architekten

The sausel architekten office is renowned for its architectural building and outdoor plant services. Detailed planning, designs, construction work and supervision are some of the company’s fields of expertise.

Through the professional career of owner Jörg-Andreas Sausel, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, the medium-sized business often acts as interface between engineering and architecture. Public contracts in the field of civil engineering and structural design are also part of the range of activities.

Manage projects – not only from the desk

The work of architects often takes place at the desk – but that is only one aspect. The employees of sausel architekten do often have to be right on the scene of construction in order to assess its progress, or e.g. to make specific arrangements with customers. Planio offers a flexible access via the Internet. Whether at home or on the road – the relevant project information is always available.

The right information for the right person – at any time

Construction projects require great coordination efforts. The reason is that many people are involved: Employees, customers, contractors, and other external service providers. The project management with Planio significantly reduces time that is needed to coordinate planning – all persons involved can get access to the project environment. The internal task management clarifies responsibilities and deadlines. In this way, a smooth project flow is created. Via the Planio platform, relevant documents such as building plans or designs are digitally made available in one place. All participants use the same version. Tricky updates via e-mail are a thing of the past. An integrated rights system precisely regulates the release of each document.

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