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A Secure System

The Safety of the Data Castle

Your information is physically protected in state-of-the-art data center facilities and safeguarded by redundant systems.

Try it out and see for yourself!

It is not enough to solely implement software security measures: a strong foundation must exist to hold your precious data. We achieve this by implementing several security-conscious measures, such as: storage of all data in a certified Tier 3 facility in Frankfurt (one of the most secure data centers in all of Europe), all data is encrypted and backed-up to a second data center in Nuremberg, and implementation of redundant systems for all hardware.

Protecting your Data

In an effort to guarantee the highest level of data security, we use Frankfurt-based Databurg to store all customer data. Databurg is a Tier 3 facility that features an innovative environment dedicated to keeping information as secure as possible. The facility is purposely-built for data storage and was constructed to exacting standards, including high quality rotating uninterruptable power supplies, 80,000kg of Inergen fire extinguishing agent, and a highly advanced air-conditioning system.

Databurg in Frankfurt, Germany
Databurg in Frankfurt, Germany

Going the Extra Mile

We are proud to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure the safety of your data. We selected only the best facilities to house your information — as a Tier 3 facility, Databurg has been certified since being founded in 2009. The data center is tested & certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standards — the certification is re-checked and re-issued regularly. In addition to storing data in the secure Databurg facility, we backup your data to another data center based in Nuremberg.

24x7 video surveillance and access control
24x7 video surveillance and access control

Redundant Systems

As the old saying goes: you can always expect the unexpected. While we cannot prevent the unknown from happening, we can do everything in our power to mitigate its effects. We do this via redundant system implementations, including power supplies, hard drives, internet connections (cables leave the data centers on different sides of the building so that we’re safe in the event of accidental digging), and servers (all servers have a hot standby for failover).

Diesel-powered backup power generator
Diesel-powered backup power generator

Benefits of the Castle

  • Tier 3 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005-certified Databurg: One of the most advanced data centers in Europe.
  • All data is encrypted and backed-up to a second data center in Nuremberg.
  • All hardware is redundant — if one fails, another steps in automatically.
  • Security: Data centers feature physical control access and video surveillance.
  • Availability: We aim for 99.99% uptime and achieve this goal regularly month after month.
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