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Customer Service & Help Desk

Planio Help Desk offers a comprehensive integration of your project infrastructure with a robust customer service desk app.

Try it out and see for yourself!

Pro Feature The Help Desk is a robust customer communication tool that enables customers to interact directly with you and your team via Planio issues. This feature uses the power of Planio Inbox to empower your teams to efficiently communicate with customers via configurable templates, auto replies, and customized message content. Enjoy auto recognition of customer & company names, custom e-mails, and template-driven FAQs.

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Intuitive Email Handling

With Help Desk, Planio Inbox is kicked-up a few notches when it comes to handling emails from external customers (i.e., those who do not have a Planio account). When an external e-mail is sent to a project’s address, Planio not only creates a new issue but also creates a customer name and company record based on the syntax of the e-mail address. If the external e-mail is known, then the issue is automatically associated with the sender.

Intuitive e-mail address recognition
Intuitive e-mail address recognition

Streamlined Customer Messaging

Planio Help Desk facilitates efficiency by automating the customer communication process. When an external e-mail is sent to a project, an auto-reply (definable) is sent to the customer. Afterwards, you can write directly to the customer from within the issue interface and even select templates to populate your replies. Your reply will contain a link to the issue’s tracking page where the customer can view status, assignee, and a history of the conversation — no login required.

Selecting a Help Desk template
Selecting a Help Desk template

A Personalized Experience

Project e-mail addresses (e.g., inbox+domain+code@plan.io) may be difficult to remember, so Planio enables you to define a custom email address within the Help Desk settings. After doing so, you can then set up a redirect from your custom address (e.g., support@yourcompany.com) to the project’s e-mail address. Planio will recognize this and handle the forwarded e-mails as if they were sent directly to the project; Planio will also send e-mails to customers directly from your custom address.

Configuring a custom e-mail address
Configuring a custom e-mail address

FAQ Management and Knowledge Base too!

Help Desk also serves as a FAQ Management tool via the use of Help Desk templates. A Help Desk template in Planio’s knowledge base is simply a block of definable text — it can include simple text, variables (e.g., first name: {{contact.firstname}} ), and even conditional IF - THEN controls. In addition to being a selectable option when writing a reply to a customer, each template includes a FAQ Question field that — when completed — automatically includes the text on your public customer-facing FAQ section.

Benefits of Help Desk

  • Intuitive E-Mail Handling: Auto-recognition of customer name & company.
  • Auto-Reply: Configure automatic replies to customers.
  • Issue Messaging: Contact customers directly from the Issue Details interface.
  • Customization: Define custom e-mail for message re-directs.
  • FAQ Management: Easily add template contents to your Planio FAQ section.
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