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Task Management & Workflows Traditional Project Management

Agile and traditional project management

Every project is different. Therefore, Planio is your software of choice for both agile projects using Scrum or Kanban and traditional Waterfall Model projects.

Try it out and see for yourself!

Agile projects with Scrum and Kanban or sequential planning using the Waterfall Model. It’s entirely your choice. Or that of your team. Or your clients. But your software shouldn’t dictate how you work. Planio adapts to your project management style — and not vice versa.

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Sprint planning made easy

Regular sprint planning is one important ingredient of agile project management. Like everything, Planio makes it easy and fun! Simply use drag and drop to move tasks from the backlog to your sprints and you’re done. It’s really that easy.

Of course you can also use this feature for milestone planning in sequential projects to assign tasks to milestones as deliverables instead of time and increment based sprints.

Backlog and sprints on one page
Backlog and sprints on one page

Flexible task boards

The task board in Planio gives the entire team a great overview of your current sprint. Whenever a task is completed, simply move it to the “Complete” column and pick a next task to work on.

Planio also has you covered should you require different columns or sub columns on your task board. Or would you like to introduce horizontal swim lanes for each team member? No problem at all! You can create as many task boards as you like and save them for later to use with your team.

Drag and drop on the task board
Drag and drop on the task board

Charts. Charts. Charts.

No matter if Burndown or Burnup, Cumulative Flow, Lead Time or Velocity. Planio automatically generates charts for you and your team so you’ll always be on top of your project’s performance. Charts are also great for transparency and motivate your team.

Automatically generated burndown charts
Automatically generated burndown charts

Your benefits

  • Flexible: Agile projects with Scrum and Kanban or traditional projects with Waterfall Model and Gantt charts
  • Easy to use: Plan your sprints on a single page
  • Interactive: Update the task board using drag and drop
  • On top: Monitor the performance of your entire team
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