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Data Independence

Guaranteed Availability

Planio is designed to be blazingly fast and always available. Our engineers are so confident in its performance, that we’ll even guarantee it.

Try it out and see for yourself!

Running Planio has been our business and passion for the last 15 years. During all this time, our engineers have built what we believe is one of the most rock-solid private cloud clusters in the industry.

We believe so strongly in its stability and performance that we are willing to give you a legally binding guarantee for it in the form of an optional Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Our SLA in a nutshell: 99.95% Availability–Or Your Money Back!

Planio Uptime and Performance

  • Planio operates its own high-availability cluster with redundancy on multiple levels.
  • We meticulously monitor every single aspect and service of our cluster.
  • Our engineers are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Trusted 3rd party service, Pingdom, checks uptime from over 70 global locations every minute of every day.
  • With our optional Service-Level Agreement (SLA), we firmly guarantee a 99.95% monthly uptime.

Service-Level Agreement

If your business requires it, we will happily put our money where our mouth is and guarantee 99.95% uptime firmly and under contract. As part of your plan, you may sign up for our SLA Pro Feature. A small monthly fee will be applied and your plan will then be governed by the terms of our SLA.

The SLA will be valid along with your Planio plan. Under it, we will be subject to defined contractual penalties should your Planio account be available less than the guaranteed 99.95% in any given month.

You can read our Service-Level Agreement terms online. They will apply to your account automatically once you sign up for the SLA Pro Feature.

Sign up for a Service-Level Agreement

99.95% uptime guaranteed. A Planio account is required.

One small monthly fee 99.95% uptime guaranteed

Working With Planio

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