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Albert Bauer Digital

Albert Bauer Digital is the Internet unit of Albert Bauer Companies, one of the largest media service providers in Germany. The group develops image and e-commerce tools for a diverse customer portfolio.

Albert Bauer Digital stands for success and creativity on the web. Conception and design are part of the company’s fields of expertise, as well as advanced analysis methods and online marketing operations. This does not only provide the customer with a technically perfect result, but the future performance of an online application is also ensured. With Albert Bauer Digital objectives on the web are achieved in its entirety.

With Planio, creativity moves in the right direction

Due to the fascination of good design and sophisticated online solutions, one fact is often forgotten: Creative projects mean a lot of organizational effort, dedication and work. Creativity has to be steered in the right direction so it can lead to results. A mature project management is therefore crucial. As online unit, the decision by Albert Bauer Digital to use an online project management system was obvious.

Planio’s integrated version control SVN is an important aspect for Albert Bauer Digital – especially if extensive programming is required for online applications. All parties involved in the project can always keep track of current changes and project folders are synchronized automatically. Extra work on obsolete versions is a thing of the past.

Clear responsibilities to meet deadlines

The more extensive the project, the more varied the tasks. Time-critical delivery of designs and accurate work performance are not uncommon in the media sector. At Albert Bauer Digital, several persons and activities must be coordinated to ensure a smooth workflow. With Planio, Albert Bauer Digital can perfectly depict internal project processes. Via the task administration of Planio, open tasks become visible for every employee. At the same time, work packages can be linked to a time estimate. The time spent for individual customers is immediately retrievable. Through automatically generated roadmaps and Gantt charts, the complete overview is always available to responsible project managers.

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