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1WorldSync™ is the leading provider of product content solutions, enabling more than 14,000 global companies in over 60 countries to share authentic, trusted content with customers and consumers.

1WorldSync Content Solutions has been a Planio customer for several years. Planio helps the team successfully complete international projects spanning the globe from the USA to Russia. 1WorldSync is a secure product content network provider and GDSN Data Pool which has achieved ISO Certification 27001.

Managing Custom Software Projects Across the World

Through its technology platform and expert services, 1WorldSync provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry. Occasionally, such solutions call for targeted consulting engineering projects to be planned, developed and deployed in a timely manner.

It was important to include the customers and external contractors in the process. The coordination required a project management solution to manage and track the projects in progress.

Planio Scaled with the Division’s Growth

The team at 1WorldSync wanted to use open-source Redmine rather than a proprietary tool. Initially, 1WorldSync was using Redmine on a self-hosted server. However, they quickly found that they were spending engineering resources on Redmine instead of their own projects.

Luis and his colleagues quickly realized that it would be more efficient to outsource their Redmine, so they could focus on their core domain. So, they chose Planio.

Because they were testing a prototype project, they started on the Silver plan. Quickly, however, the number of projects and employees grew. Consequently, they moved up to Gold and then Platinum as their requirements grew. Finally, once they started needing customizations, they decided to go for the Enterprise plan.

The Core Workflow Tool

The team now uses Planio as their main workflow tool. They constantly have Planio open during the day to update issues on the latest progress, create documentation and make sure work is moving smoothly. Managers can understand the progress towards goals and make sure the team has what they need to finish projects on time.

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