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Planio and Google Integration

Integrate Planio with Google Chrome and Google Apps for Business to enjoy easy access across applications and a single sign on using your Google account!

One of the key strengths of Google-based applications is the focus on integration for different users, whether they are developers or PMs. The Google Chrome WebStore enables any Chrome user to easily add a web app to their browsing experience. In addition, the Google Apps Marketplace is the perfect solution for enterprises seeking a fully integrated approach. Planio supports both, effectively offering single logins from a Google account as well as access to Planio across Google apps.

Google Chrome WebStore

Just browse over to the Google Chrome WebStore, click Add to Chrome, and you can enjoy full integration between your Google Chrome web browser and Planio! This enables you to easily login to Planio using your Google account as well as access Planio from Chrome’s start screen. This is the perfect solution for Google Chrome users who frequently access Planio and want to avoid the hassle of manually entering a URL and login credentials.

» Planio for Chrome

Google Chrome WebStore
Google Chrome WebStore

Google Apps for Business

If you’re a business user enjoying the integrative capabilities of Google Apps for Business, then you can expand your application selections to include Planio! In addition to simple sign on to Planio using your Google account, you can enjoy easy access to Planio from within any other Google app, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and so on. This is a tremendous benefit for cloud-friendly organizations that want to expand their level of application integration for project teams.

» Check out the Google App

Google Apps Marketplace
Google Apps Marketplace
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