Finally a Redmine with Auto-Updates

Always stable

Redmine by Planio just works – all the time. Your Redmine updates automatically without your intervention. Every release is meticulously tested by our engineers to let you focus on your projects.

Always secure

We are members of the official Redmine Security Team. Our engineers are among the first to know about potential vulnerabilities and your Redmine will be among the first to be safe and secure – way before any public disclosures in most cases.

Full Admin access

While our team takes great care of updates and maintenance, you remain in full control. Redmine by Planio gives you full access to the Admin area and all relevant settings.

All the Plugins and
Features You Love

Redmine by Planio comes with a large range of built-in features and a hand-picked set of plugins that integrate perfectly with Redmine.

Issue tracking
Redmine's issue tracker is one of the most flexible and versatile project and task management solutions out there, complete with workflows, tracker types, permissions, and custom fields.
Agile Project Management
Redmine by Planio comes preloaded with the popular Redmine Agile plugin which lets your teams work according to SCRUM or Kanban principles.
Traditional Project Management
Use a traditional approach rather than Agile? No problem. Redmine by Planio offers Roadmaps, Versions (Milestones), Gantt Charts just like the standard Redmine you know.
File Management
Redmine by Planio includes a powerful cloud storage plugin developed in-house by our team. Share a project folder with your team via WebDAV and desktop sync clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's like Redmine DMSF on steroids.
Help Desk
Built and used by our own engineers, Planio Help Desk lets you receive customer support emails as issues and respond right from within Redmine. Set up your own email domain, store common answers as templates, offer customer-facing status pages, and make customer support efficient and delightful.
Hosted Git & SVN Repositories
Working with Code? Create as many Git and Subversion repos as needed and handle access control seamlessly using Redmine's roles and permissions. All repos are hosted on our secure servers and can be accessed using HTTPS or SSH with public keys (when using Git).
Team Chat
Chat right from within your own Redmine. Planio's Team Chat makes your Redmine a fully-fledged private IRC server that saves its chat logs right in your project's history. Old chats are discoverable alongside issues and wiki pages using Redmine's built-in search.
Time Tracking
Redmine by Planio extends Redmine's powerful time tracking features with easily accessible start/stop timers making your work days even more productive. Time accounting and billing are a breeze thanks to Redmine's flexible time spent reporting engine.
Email Inbox with OpenPGP
Redmine by Planio comes preconfigured for incoming email support that just works. Each project is assigned its own email address which you can use to create or update issues on the go. To make things safe & secure, Planio will optionally sign, encrypt, and decrypt OpenPGP mails.
Make it Your Own...
Of course, Redmine by Planio also includes Redmine's powerful custom fields. But if you want to go really custom, our team will work with you to design your own theme, run Redmine on your own domain, and even change or develop new features exclusively for you as part of our Enterprise subscription.

A Provider You Can Trust

Planio is run by the real people behind Redmine. All members of our team are long standing and active contributors to the Redmine project. For us, working with Redmine is not just a job – it's been a passion for more than 10 years.

Felix Gliesche

Felix Gliesche

I've developed Redmine's responsive design for mobile device support as well as numerous smaller patches and fixes.

Holger Just

Holger Just

I've been active in the Redmine project since 2008 and I was one of the main contributors behind the ChiliProject fork of Redmine. Over the years, I've contributed numerous patches and plugins to the Redmine project.

Nadine Roßa

Nadine Roßa

I have conceptualized the responsive design for Redmine and I've designed Redmine's beautiful new user interface that's exclusively available at Planio.

Felix Schäfer

Felix Schäfer

I've built Two Factor Authentication for Redmine which makes Redmine account access more secure and lets admins require a 2nd factor for all users. I'm also an active community member on helping with issues, and user support.

Jan Schulz-Hofen

Jan Schulz-Hofen

I've been involved in Redmine since 2007 and I'm a member of Redmine's Security team. I've contributed Redmine's “New” menu and numerous other frontend features.

Go Maeda

Go Maeda

I've been an avid member of the Redmine community since 2008. I've been involved in all recent Redmine releases triaging and curating contributions by other members. I also run the Japanese Redmine community site

Jens Krämer

Jens Krämer

I've built a number of features for Redmine, most notably the “Sudo” mode which protects certain administrative tasks and makes Redmine more secure.

Working With Planio

See How Our Customers Use Planio

Seamless Data Migration
Free of Charge

We want you to be successful and productive with Redmine by Planio right from the start. Our team of engineers will personally help you with the migration of your existing Redmine installation.

Using an outdated version? Have old and buggy plugins? No problem at all! Together with your personal migration engineer, we'll look at your current situation and prepare for a quick and seamless switch overnight or on a weekend that suits your schedule.

The best of it all? This service is free for all new customers.

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What our customers say about Redmine by Planio

Paul-André Duchesne
written by on Trustpilot
Reactive and particularly efficient support

Already users of Redmine, we recently subscribed an account on Plan.IO to be able keeping this solution without the worry of upgrades and server management.
We were also interested connecting our ticketing service to github repositories.
Everything's there at Plan.IO
The migration service offered by Plan.IO was a charm and the work made by Jens was an example of reactiveness and efficiency.

Thanks a lot,

Paul-André Duchesne

Jamie Apache Archer
written by on Trustpilot
Excellent service quick to respond to queries

Totally reliable service imported all our old content from a custom Redmine install and mapped all the data correctly. Seemless and perfect migration! Would recommend these guys to anyone interested in using Redmine without the hassle of supporting it themselves. They always respond to support requests within an hour or two and I suspect faster if you're on the custom enterprise level tier.

Francisco Cabeza
written by on Trustpilot
full application project manager

The most complete project manager I ever seen.
I would like to hear if you have in mind to add more applications to plannio. There are a lot of very nice pluggins for redmine, I would love to use but connected with Planio like SalesKing.
I am very interesting in pluggins about CRM, Kanban, scrum.
Another thing can be very good and easy to improve is add documents for users, so any user can have own private space.
Thank you very much.

Francois Rigaut
written by on Trustpilot
Excellent implementation of redmine +…

Excellent implementation of redmine + added features. Would recommend to anyone that need a central tool for project management and communication in a distributed team (that's how we use it). The all-in-one solution, whereby one has wiki, issue tracking, repository, blog, schedule etc is really fantastic.

Tim Davies
written by on Trustpilot
Powerful tool and great service

RedMine is a powerful platform: we're using to to manage all aspects of a new business. The hosted service with makes it easy to get set-up with, including great e-mail integration.

The e-mail support from the team has been quick, friendly and helpful every time we've needed to get in touch as our needs have developed.

written by on Trustpilot
Well done! Go on this way

Well done!
I love Redmine and I use it for my personal project and my company. Planio services avoid all the waste of time about the platform maintenance and let me focus on my projects. The service has no downtime or lags. These guys work very well and the customer service is perfect.

written by on Trustpilot = Great application, excellent service

We've been using Redmine in our own installation, and as the overhead of maintaining that became a real burden, we switched over to's service. Everything about the engagement has been positive:

(1) The trial was easy
(2) The migration of our system (from a very old Redmine) to the system was flawless.
(3) The follow-on support as we dealt with differences due to the Redmine versions was timely and effective.

It was a no-brainer for us to decide to make the switch permanent.

Keep it up.

Kai Olav Fredriksen
written by on Trustpilot
Excellent PM-tool for small/medium projects

Excellent Redmine implementation, I really appreciate the Agile-plugins (burnup/burndown, Agile planning and Scrum board).

The only weakness as a project tool for me is the Gantt. It's ok to view, but is not interactive. Not enough to lose a star though, this product is real value for money

Jun Funada
written by on Trustpilot
Japanese CVS data are imported

I asked Planio support team to import CVS data. The data are exported from other Redmine host and encoded by SJIS (Japanese).

I received some questions about the translation between Japanese and English. Then they completed to import perfectly. Now, I can start the work.

Andre Krumm
written by on Trustpilot
It is the best solution for Redmine hosting that I know.

I have already worked with Redmine at before and it was always supported and maintained in a very professional way. There were less problems with the system and in case there was a problem it was solved immediately. I can only recommend it to anyone. Thumbs up!