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Do one thing and do it well. For us, that’s Redmine Hosting.

Can’t get Redmine to work on your server? Can’t use that one Redmine plugin because it requires a newer version? Find your Redmine too slow or unstable? Trust us, we’ve been there. Since 2007, hosting Redmine is all we do — for more than 25,000 individual Redmine environments, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including free e-mail, phone, and chat support.

Hire the true Redmine Experts

Our engineers are holding contributing roles in the Redmine core team and community. We know every line of Redmine’s code base. We’ve imported, upgraded, migrated, backed up and fixed bugs in tens of thousands of Redmine installations. We also fundamentally believe in Open Source and we love to give back.

About our dedication to Redmine and Open Source

How your Redmine is hosted

We host your Redmine in a castle, literally. Our main data center in the German Vogtland region is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified facility with multiple redundant power supplies and Internet uplinks, 24/7 video surveillance and rigorous physical access control. We exclusively use our own hand-picked self-managed servers — no VPSes, no shared servers, no cloud VMs.

About our Redmine data center

Your Redmine data is safe with us

We keep geographically distributed backups of all your data. We regularly update your Redmine to the latest version. We fix new security issues within minutes. We keep your Redmine up and available. And because that’s not enough, we’ve partnered with not one but two external security vendors who check our infrastructure regularly for malware, viruses and potential security problems.

About data security for our hosted Redmine environments

Guaranteed privacy made in Germany

We understand that you use Redmine to store and work on sensitive data and business secrets. We value the privacy of all our clients and we will never share your data with any third parties. We guarantee that all your Redmine data is securely hosted in Germany and as a 100% German company, we adhere to European data privacy law — one of the strictest in the World.

About our pledge to GDPR privacy for your Redmine data

No vendor lockin, no strings attached

We want our customers to stay with us, because they’re satisfied with our service — not because it’s too hard to leave us. That’s why all our plans have a simple pay-by-the-month term and that’s why you will always be able to download a complete and Redmine compatible SQL backup of all your data.

About our Redmine data freedom principle

But what’s the difference? Learn about the difference between Redmine and Planio.

Did you know? Planio is proudly based on Redmine, an awesome online project management software developed following the open source philosophy. Planio specialises in hosted Redmine, Subversion & Git, and delivers it as a turn key service with extra features that's easy to use for everybody. Learn more about Redmine Hosting and Subversion & Git Hosting.

Everything our team does is done in Planio. It’s our main workflow tool. At this stage, we’ve created tens of thousands of issues. We’re really happy with it.”
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Luis Ferrao, Senior Solutions Engineer, CNET Content Solutions

Start a 30 day free trial!

No credit card needed. Takes only 60 seconds. Or take a quick tour.