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The Story Behind Redmine

In 2006, Jean-Philippe Lang started a project to build better project management software, and Redmine was born. Today, hundreds of thousands of companies, NGOs, universities and government bodies use Redmine for managing projects. Many of them choose Planio as their Redmine hosting provider.

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What is Redmine?

With Redmine you can collaborate with people on projects. You can plan out projects, track their current status and log time spent against issues. You'll get a full demo of Redmine's features such as a wiki, forums, blogs and document storage. Planio adds features such as Agile Kanban boards, file sharing, team chat, Git/SVN hosting and a Help Desk tool on top of the core Redmine features.

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Everything our team does is done in Planio. It’s our main workflow tool. At this stage, we’ve created tens of thousands of issues. We’re really happy with it.”
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Luis Ferrao, Senior Solutions Engineer, CNET Content Solutions

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