4 ways to get motivated when you don't feel like working

Belle Beth Cooper
July 04, 2016

Every week I write up to three new articles like this one. And every week I struggle to find the motivation to get started on each article. On Sunday night I make my to do list for the week ahead, and think about how quickly I'll get to work on this...

Theres a productivity system for you choose 1

There’s a Productivity System for You. Choose Yours.

Thomas Carney
April 13, 2016

In my first job out of college, I read a book called “Getting Things Done”. The book unleashed a massive wave of inspiration in me. I had visions of being a relentless executive, churning through new initiatives at a furious rate. So, I got religion...

When manual automation beats coding up a 1

When “Manual Automation” beats Coding up a Solution

Thomas Carney
July 08, 2015

When you start a business, it’s all about throwing things at the wall and seeing if it sticks. You've launched a new app, and you get your first five paying customers. You excitedly chat with each of them as part of their concierge onboarding. Or you...