Synchronize files across the entire team

Share with everyone

Keep all team members and customers in sync on important files. Protect what's confidential.

Files, folders, online previews

Browse folders as trees or photo albums as thumbnails. Preview everything online and download with one click.

All kinds of files

Be it documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, CAD files, vector graphics or video editing projects. Planio Storage stores anything and everything.

Always have the latest version

Stop searching your inbox. It's right there, on your device already. Planio Storage keeps all project files in sync across all your devices.

Whenever a team member changes something, your version is updated automatically. Planio's file history shows you who changed what and when.

Mobile and offline

Be it above the clouds or in the North Siberian lowlands - sometimes you are just offline. If you still cannot keep your hands off your computer or if the lowlands make you even more productive, then the offline capabilities of Planio Storage are for you.

Our sync client for Windows, Mac, and Linux automatically shares your updates the moment you get back online.

We're a little paranoid when it comes to IT security

And that's definitely a good thing.

No public clouds

At Planio, we self-host: We don't use cloud or shared servers. Our machines are bare metal and we manage them ourselves.

Hosting at the heart of Europe

As a 100% European company, all our servers are hosted locallyÔÇôfor low latencies and legal certainty.

Updates, Backups, Full Redundancy

From power supplies to hard drives: Planio infrastructure is redundant on all levels. Backups are mirrored off-site and most updates are made within minutes.

GDPR compliant by design

We Germans have been particular about data protection and privacy for a while. Naturally, Planio was designed with data minimization in mind.

Part of Something Bigger

Planio is more than cloud storage. It is an integrated platform for project management, issue tracking, source code hosting, help desk, company wikis and chat.

Agile project management

Use agile task boards to manage your projects and complete every sprint successfully. Backlogs, burndown charts, and sprint planning are all tightly integrated into Planio.

Agile board@1x

Issue tracking and task management

Tasks, tickets, issues, bugs, features, stories ÔÇô you can call them what you like. Planio makes sure you'll never loose track. Delegate work, define workflows for recurring tasks, and increase your productivity as a team.

Issue list@1x

Git and Subversion Hosting

Your dev team will love Planio for its hosted Git and Subversion repositories. Create an unlimited number of repos in each project, and link commits to issues and Planio's integrated time tracking.

Repository hosting@1x

Customer support help desk

Planio is great for your customers, too. Simply redirect your email address to your Planio project and start handling support requests directly in Planio. Text templates, auto-replies, and customer-facing tracking pages can be set up easily.

Customer help desk@1x

What our customers say about Planio

Dean Miles
written by on Trustpilot
If there were 10 stars Planio would getÔÇŽ

If there were 10 stars Planio would get them. I canÔÇÖt praise this service enough, not just the application but the support team behind it. They go that extra mile for their customers.

BM Mukherjee
written by on Trustpilot
Last 7 Days I was struggling to getÔÇŽ

Last 7 Days I was struggling to get some information before going for the right plan, but sorry to say that no response received, today thanks to Ema Raven for quick reply and payment released immediately. As we grow with the Project we will change the Plan accordingly.

Luce Carevi─ç
written by on Trustpilot
A great and supportive support team

The support team of Planio is always supportive and helpful.

They are also very quick to answer.

If you're looking for a great Redmine hosting, go for Planio!

Shirley Rodr├şguez
written by on Trustpilot
Planio is wonderful for ProjectÔÇŽ

Planio is wonderful for Project Management! It truly has facilitated the task of planning and running projects.

Thank you!

written by on Trustpilot
Excellent Support

Ema Raven from support has helped us immediately with a comprehensive answer to our question. Excellent!

written by on Trustpilot
Excellent support as always

Excellent support as always

written by on Trustpilot
Affordable and easy to use RedmineÔÇŽ

Affordable and easy to use Redmine hosting!

written by on Trustpilot
Excellent support staff!

Excellent support staff!

Prajudi Setiawan
written by on Trustpilot
We need feature for inviting meeting toÔÇŽ

We need feature for inviting meeting to members, so we know whom to be attend to the meeting and how many people will attend...

Metin Aydar
written by on Trustpilot
Best Redmine SaaS service ever.

Best Redmine SaaS service ever. Modules are easy to activate or disable. Team is also very helpful and kind.