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The Difference between Planio and Redmine?

Planio is professionally hosted and improved Redmine with great support by the people behind Redmine.



Issue & Time Tracking
without timer
Traditional Project Management
Agile Project Management
Wikis, Documents & Files
Git & SVN Repositories
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Help Desk
Email Integration
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Team Chat with IRC
Security updates & backups
Friendly Support via Phone & Email

Put Planio vs. Redmine to the Test

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What is Redmine by Planio?

Planio is a commercially hosted version of Redmine – provided by a group of long-standing core contributors to the Open Source project. At Planio, you’ll have an always up-to-date version of Redmine with an improved user interface and extra features such as Agile boards, Git & Subversion hosting, a fully-fledged Help Desk solution as well as well-integrated Team Chat.

Our team makes sure your Redmine runs smoothly and securely and takes care of all maintenance chores, like updates, security patches, backups, and even Redmine plugin maintenance.

Hosting your Redmine at Planio can save you 90% of the cost (and let you sleep better).

Open Source software is free, but maintenance and support still cost real money. At Planio, we maintain tens of thousands of Redmine installations so you can benefit from the economies of scale. See for yourself:

How many users do you have?


  • Redmine

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At Planio, Your Redmine is Securely Hosted in a Castle!

Is your data center certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards and does your admin have access to the latest security patches and updates? At Planio, we store your personal information and project data exclusively on our own servers in the German Vogtland region. We are members of the official Redmine Security Team and are the first to get the latest security reports and patches – even before they are released to the public.

We’re a sustainable, bootstrapped and owner-operated business based in Berlin. We obey Germany’s strict laws about data protection and privacy. We will never track your behavior in the app or analyze your data.

We have three levels of backups and a fully redundant stand-by data center in a geographically different location. We take security very seriously!

Free, Painless Migrations that Just Work

Currently hosting your own Redmine? We offer free migrations for existing Redmine users. We’ll organize a time that suits you, and our experienced engineers will help you make the switch. Your Redmine data will be migrated to the latest version and we’ll keep everything exactly as you left it.

Oh, and should you ever wish to leave us and go back to your own Redmine server, we’ll provide you with a database dump for free.

Free Phone and Email Support

Asking for help on the Redmine forums works great, but sometimes you need help quickly. Or maybe you've grown tired of onboarding new colleagues to Redmine and would rather concentrate on your actual job. Our team of dedicated engineers is here for you. We're really friendly people, too, and we'll be happy to provide support to your entire team via email or on the phone.

Have a question? You can ring us on +1 (212) 498-9577 or +49 (30) 577 00 00-0 from Europe to chat. Or send us an email at support(at)plan.io.

A Word From a Happy Planio Customer

“I was really impressed, that the Planio team was able to realize our migration at such short notice over the weekend. After a short downtime on Saturday evening, the entire relocation was completed, so that everyone was able to work as usual on Monday.”
Read the full MTV Networks case study

— Ivo Stock, Head of Software Engineering, MTV Networks North Europe

Put Planio vs. Redmine to the Test

› Get a free Planio account for 30 days

No credit card required. Sign up only takes 60 seconds.

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