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Set up Planio Team Chat on Mac using Colloquy Set up Planio Team Chat on Android using AndroIRC

Set up Planio Team Chat on Your iOS device using Colloquy

Let’s install chat on your iPhone so you can chat with your team members and get notifications on the go.

1. Install the Colloquy App from the App Store

Open the app store and search for the Colloquy app. The app is a paid app. Install the app and open it.

Install the Colloquy app from the Appstore

Install Colloquy

2. Add a new Connection

Select Add an IRC connection.

Add an IRC connection

Add an IRC connection

Now, we'll fill out the connection fields:

  • The Description can be whatever you want.
  • The Address is the Host name from your Planio chat credentials (see above).
  • Switch on Push Notifications if you want to be notified when someone mentions your name in chat.
  • Nickname and Real Name will show up as your name in chat.

Fill out the connection details

Fill out the connection fields

Scroll down and select Advanced

Select the advanced button

Select Advanced

Here's we'll fill out the connection and authentication settings with our Planio chat credentials (see above):

  • Enter the Server Port.
  • Switch on SSL, so your chat will be secure.
  • Enter the Username
  • Enter the Password

Fill out the advanced section

Fill out the connection and authentication settings

Click back to New Connection and then click on Connect.

3. Join the Project Room

You can enter the room and start chatting on your iPhone.

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