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January 16, 2013 · 1 min read

Did you know: Planio has (always had) blogs!

Since forever, Planio has had a very powerful but often overlooked feature: the Blog app.

Seemingly, the problem was that it went by a little less common term called "News" which nobody really knew what to do with. So, now we've renamed the feature to what it actually is: a fully-featured project blog. Project members can post articles and comment on them. Atom feeds as well as e-mail updates are included, too.


So, if you'd like a little more blogging going on in your project, be sure to activate the Blog app via Settings  Planio apps.

Hint: You can also configure your Planio project to be publicly available, so that users without a Planio account can follow your blog. Be sure to check out Brians recent article about the CRM & Helpdesk; at the end, he explains how to make a project's FAQ section public. For the blog it works very much in the same way!

Do you have a public Planio blog for you project? Be sure to post your link here and we'll subscribe to it!