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Deployhq painless deployments for planio 1

DeployHQ: Painless Deployments for Planio Repositories

Thomas Carney
June 03, 2016

Planio is now integrated with To mark the new integration, I set up a flow for automatic deployments of repositories in Planio to Uberspace using DeployHQ. In my fictional case, we’re building a new website for the Tasty Design Agency...

Checklists for getting things done with planio 1

Checklists for getting things done with Planio

Jan Schulz-Hofen
May 19, 2015

You know those situations: There's an open issue in Planio which hasn't been completed yet and there are still a few things missing. You're making note of each item in the issue history but over time it becomes hard to keep track. Of course you could...

Time tracking with planio and gotdone 1

Time tracking with Planio and GotDone

Jan Schulz-Hofen
March 31, 2015

Here’s the situation: It’s the end of a busy working day full of interruptions and multi-tasking and you’re trying to remember how many billable hours you worked for which client on which project? If you’re lucky enough, all your clients are using Planio...

Desktop notifications better custom fields and 1

Desktop notifications, better custom fields, and more!

Felix Schäfer
March 05, 2015

We have been very busy these last weeks making major improvements to the Planio infrastructure to further reduce maintenance downtimes to your accounts. This enabled us to upgrade all our customers to the new Planio version with probably no one noticing...

20 discount on rmclient for planio users 1

20% Discount on RMClient for Planio users

Jan Schulz-Hofen
October 13, 2014

We are pleased to introduce a special discount on RMClient. RMClient is fully Planio-compatible desktop app for time tracking which helps you to easily navigate the stream of your tasks. The app displays a list of all assigned issues, allows you to...

Easy access to planio on starthq 1

Easy access to Planio on StartHQ

Jan Schulz-Hofen
July 10, 2014

Starting today, Planio is available on StartHQ and fully integrates with its awesome new Search feature! We're great fans of StartHQ here at Planio. It makes work with all the different tools we use so much easier. Once signed up, you can add all your...

Learn version control with git giveaway 1

Learn Version Control with Git ( + Giveaway)

Jan Schulz-Hofen
June 24, 2014

Did you know that you can host unlimited private Git repositories on Planio? The hosting is included in all our plans, even the free-for-life Bronze plan! Now there is no more excuse to start learning Git! To make it even easier for you, our friends...

Introducing planio issue short links 1

Introducing Planio Issue Short Links

Jan Schulz-Hofen
December 26, 2013

Happy holidays everyone. This is a short feature update we released over the holidays. Following our eat your own dog food approach, we mainly built this for ourselves here at Planio, but we thought it may be worthwhile sharing it with you as well...

Repository Web Hooks are here!

Jan Schulz-Hofen
December 07, 2013

You've asked for it and we listened. Many of you are using Planio's hosted Git and Subversion repositories in combination with external services, such as continuous integration or build servers. In order to avoid polling in these scenarios, it is helpful...

Wireframing in planio 1

Wireframing in Planio

Brian Sheehan
June 06, 2013

One of the coolest aspects of Planio is its versatility and flexibility. In addition to its inherent project management capabilities, which are awesome, you can expand Planio's functionality by taking advantage of our unique integration-partnerships...