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March 05, 2015 · 2 min read

Desktop notifications, better custom fields, and more!

We have been very busy these last weeks making major improvements to the Planio infrastructure to further reduce maintenance downtimes to your accounts. This enabled us to upgrade all our customers to the new Planio version with probably no one noticing the incurred downtime! And now I am happy to be able to announce a few new features that have made it to your Planio in this new version.

Desktop Notifications

Many of you will already have noticed the addition of desktop notifications to Planio. This new feature allows you to be notified about things you care about instantly on your desktop, without having to wait for email notifications to reach you. You can now choose in My account (top right) to receive desktop notifications in addition to email notifications (the default), to receive email notifications only if you weren't already notified via a desktop notification, or disable this feature completely.

Better custom fields

The custom fields have been a focus of development lately and have seen a lot of improvements. You can now choose to use formatted text in custom fields, use the value of a custom field in a link template, or even use the all new link custom field type. Custom fields visibility can now also be restricted to only certain roles, so that sensitive information can be attached to issues without making it available to everyone that can see the issue.

Rich media

Planio can now automatically embed rich media content in formatted text fields. This means that you can now embed Youtube videos, tweets, Instagram pictures, Github commits and much more into your wiki pages and issues like you would normal images, by surrounding the link with !. For example !https://twitter.com/DavidFuhr/status/572818269494759424! will show:


Custom queries on "My page"

We know some of you have wished to be able to have an issue list on My page according to their own filters instead of the predefined ones, or to add some columns to the already present blocks. We have now added the possibility to add blocks based on saved queries to your My page!

You can create issue blocks for which you control which columns to show, which filters to use, and which grouping and order the issue list will use. The only limit is that these blocks, as the already present issue blocks, will only show at most 10 issues.

Other improvements

A lot of work has also been invested into the internals of Planio, but there's a few more improvements that might be useful to you:

We hope you will find all these improvements and new features useful, feel free to let us know in the comments!