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March 31, 2015 · 1 min read

Time tracking with Planio and GotDone

Here’s the situation: It’s the end of a busy working day full of interruptions and multi-tasking and you’re trying to remember how many billable hours you worked for which client on which project?

If you’re lucky enough, all your clients are using Planio already - which as we know they really should! :-) In that case you’ve certainly used our integrated start/stop timer to track your hours and are done already. Terrific!

However, ... What if not all your clients are using Planio? What if your team still uses a plethora of different tools for managing everyday work and you’ve been signed in to all of them during the day to get your work done but can’t remember how much time you spent on which task?

GotDone.me to the rescue! GotDone is a really neat service, I’ve recently discovered that brings together all discussions had, tasks completed, emails sent, code pushed and meetings attended on all kinds of different online platforms. And of course, Planio is fully integrated as well. Problem solved! :)