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December 26, 2013 · 1 min read

Introducing Planio Issue Short Links

Happy holidays everyone. This is a short feature update we released over the holidays. Following our eat your own dog food approach, we mainly built this for ourselves here at Planio, but we thought it may be worthwhile sharing it with you as well. 

So here it is: Starting today, you can simply link to any issue in your Planio account using plan.io/<issue number>. For instance, issue #123 in your account becomes plan.io/123.


How does it work? If you have accessed your Planio account before, we store a cookie in your browser pointing to your Planio domain, and when the URL is expanded, we redirect to the appropriate issue on your Planio account. Should you pass the link on to somebody who hasn't logged in to your Planio account before, they will be presented with a form where they're asked your Planio domain to be redirected afterwards.

That's it – no more, no less. We hope you find it useful and wish you happy holidays!

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