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August 28, 2012 · 1 min read

New look and feel for Planio!

Here at Planio, we have been rolling with a rather serious black & white look and feel since our launch in 2009. Now, almost 3 years have passed and we thought Planio might be ready for a little face lift.

Our designers and developers have been hard at work and we're now ready to share the results with you. This is not the official launch of the redesign yet - we have scheduled that for October 1st, so in about 4 weeks - but if you're an administrator in your Planio account, you can already take the new design for a spin.

Just click on Preview new design in the little green message area in the sidebar and have a look. This will switch your entire account to the new design, so your other users will be able to check it out as well! The change isn't permanent (yet) - until October you can still switch back to the old look if you wish.

Obviously, we'd be more than happy to receive your feedback on this change here in the comments. As I said, we're still refining the redesign here and there. Your input will help us improve Planio even more while we get ready for the launch in October.