Challenges with io domains

Moving from to

October 26, 2017

As Planio becomes a more and more mature business with now over 1,500 customers in almost all countries on this planet, we will be gradually moving off our .io domain and towards In the future, we will introduce country-specific domains...

Make time for yourself

How to Find Your Perfect Work-Life Balance

Maddy Osman
October 13, 2017

With technology connecting employers to employees (and freelance workers) after working hours, it’s become increasingly tough for people to establish a legitimately healthy work-life balance. You certainly have the right not to tackle work during...

How to focus better

How to Focus Better: Overcoming Distractions

Maddy Osman
August 29, 2017

Productivity wouldn't be so hard to achieve, except for the simple fact that we all have an enemy that constantly tries to lure us away from doing and completing our meaningful work. This enemy? None other than distraction. Distraction isn't just...