Work from home

10 Ways to Be Productive When Working from Home

Maddy Osman
May 22, 2017

Distraction is hard to beat when working from home, especially if you have to use your computer to accomplish tasks. On top of that, working from home means dealing with pets, potentially kids, and household chores that are begging to be done. Let...

Quantity beats quality

Why quantity beats (and creates) quality

Belle Beth Cooper
April 05, 2017

If you asked me anytime in the past few years about whether I thought quantity or quality was more important, I would have said hands down, quality. With the internet making it easier than ever for more people to create and share their work, there...

Learn to love networking

How you can learn to love networking

Belle Beth Cooper
March 06, 2017

Working in the tech industry, I know networking is important. I've seen a whole host of benefits from the networking I've done in the past, including: Finding new clients as a freelancer Finding a new full-time job Help with spreading the word...

Rethink spare time

Why you should rethink how you spend your spare time

Belle Beth Cooper
October 27, 2016

We spend a considerable amount of our lives looking forward to our spare time. We watch the clock during the workday, we count down the days until our next holiday, we look forward to Friday nights and dread Monday mornings. But despite our yearning...

Finding focus

Finding Focus: The Hard Thing About Doing Hard Work

Thomas Carney
October 19, 2016

Take Pam. She’s a back-end developer at a startup revolutionizing the pet industry by creating robot dog sitters for the highflying pet owner. It’s exciting stuff that has the potential to endlessly entertain pets everywhere. A quick recap of her...

Highly productive work day

11 solid tips for a highly productive work day

Thomas Carney
September 21, 2016

This is a guest post from Userlike, which lets you add live chat to your website or app. We use (and recommend) Userlike ourselves at Planio. So you've got your project plan set up. Now it's just down to the execution. Easy, right? Actually, that...