Sharpen the saw

How to work less and get more done

Belle Beth Cooper
July 20, 2016

We all want to get more done, and these days the default approach seems to be to simply work more hours. But, counterintuitively, this is actually the worst approach. Working more only helps up to a point. Eventually you'll hit a state of diminishing...


4 ways to get motivated when you don't feel like working

Belle Beth Cooper
July 04, 2016

Every week I write up to three new articles like this one. And every week I struggle to find the motivation to get started on each article. On Sunday night I make my to do list for the week ahead, and think about how quickly I'll get to work on this...

Deployhq painless deployments for planio 1

DeployHQ: Painless Deployments for Planio Repositories

Thomas Carney
June 03, 2016

Planio is now integrated with To mark the new integration, I set up a flow for automatic deployments of repositories in Planio to Uberspace using DeployHQ. In my fictional case, we’re building a new website for the Tasty Design Agency...

It help desk 8 signs youve left it to long 1

IT Help Desk: 8 signs you’ve left it too long

Julie Duran-Gelléri
June 01, 2016

Every day you answer IT queries from users, but you’re starting to think there has to be a better way. First of all, you also have other things to take care of, and second, you have the sneaking suspicion that the problem is getting worse by the day...

6 min read
7 tips on how to build better websites 1

7 tips on how to build better websites

Thomas Carney
May 12, 2016

Ok, you know how web developers, well, develop websites? It’s easy to assume that once the experts are done developing their website, work’s done.  Sure, you need to do server maintenance every now and then, but other than that, you’re done. Right?...

3 min read
Kanban boards the psychology of cards 1

Kanban Boards: the Psychology of Cards

Thomas Carney
April 28, 2016

You see the whiteboard covered with tiny little cards arranged in columns below? You’re looking at a Kanban board. And it might just change everything about how you work. Kanban originated in the 1950s when Toyota revolutionized how they manufactured...

Theres a productivity system for you choose 1

There’s a Productivity System for You. Choose Yours.

Thomas Carney
April 13, 2016

In my first job out of college, I read a book called “Getting Things Done”. The book unleashed a massive wave of inspiration in me. I had visions of being a relentless executive, churning through new initiatives at a furious rate. So, I got religion...

Infographic remote work

Working Remotely – Jack’s Journey Out of the Office

Thomas Carney
March 29, 2016

Employees regularly cite the option of working remotely as something they’d love. In fact, 80-90% of U.S. workers say they’d like to work from home at least part of the time. At the same time, not all companies favor remote work. Yahoo famously banned...