New API for Planio customer companies and contacts

November 19, 2013

I am pleased to announce that we have added a REST-style API for customer companies and customer contacts to Planio. Using this API, developers can programmatically list, read, create, update, and delete companies and contacts in Planio. This could...

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10 discount on git tower for planio users 1

10% Discount on Git Tower for Planio users

June 26, 2013

As you may know, Planio comes with unlimited awesomely hosted private Git repositories which are included in all plans. Even the free-for-life Bronze plan offers unlimited free Git repos for two users. Now, together with our friends at fournova, we...

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Meet the team support specialist louise engel 1

Meet the Team: Support Specialist Louise Engel

Brian Sheehan
June 20, 2013

Louise Engel is the newest member of the Planio team and brings with her a great insight into delivering awesome customer service. Louise's experience working in technical support at one of Berlin's 5-star hotels enables her to view technical issues...

Wireframing in planio 1

Wireframing in Planio

Brian Sheehan
June 06, 2013

One of the coolest aspects of Planio is its versatility and flexibility. In addition to its inherent project management capabilities, which are awesome, you can expand Planio's functionality by taking advantage of our unique integration-partnerships...

Agile breakfast 1

Agile Breakfast

Brian Sheehan
May 07, 2013

by Oliver Widder at Geek&Poke Maybe a ticket in Planio Agile would have helped? Did you enjoy today’s comic? If so, share the love with a Like/Tweet below!

Planio 101 how to create a new project 1

Planio 101: How to Create a New Project

Brian Sheehan
April 23, 2013

Over the last year we've discussed many exciting features within Planio, many of which are brand new (CC Additional Contacts, New Mini Features), several are quite Project Manager-friendly (Milestones & Roadmaps), and others are just downright awesome...

New feature cc additional contacts in the help 1

New Feature: CC Additional Contacts in the Help Desk

Brian Sheehan
March 31, 2013

A new set of mini-features have been added to Planio and we're excited to tell you about them! The focus of these new features is the recognition of additional contacts; essentially, Planio now supports the specification of secondary contacts (and...

Stackoverflow 1


Brian Sheehan
March 21, 2013

by Oliver Widder at Geek&Poke Did you enjoy today’s comic? If so, share the love with a Like/Tweet below!

New mini features 1

New Mini-Features

Brian Sheehan
March 12, 2013

We've recently introduced a trio of new mini-features that are designed to aesthetically please (image attachment thumbnails), keep you up-to-date on upcoming issue due dates (day setting for e-mail reminders), and provide more flexibility with a project...