Closing the email encryption loophole with 1

Closing the email encryption loophole (with OpenPGP!)

July 01, 2014

It is 2014. We've all been using SSL for a long time now in order to access our favourite cloud services. Of course, Planio uses SSL by default and for everything. In fact, we also provide HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) for browsers that support...

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Security: OpenSSL Heartbleed announcement

April 09, 2014

Earlier this week, security experts have detected a significant security problem in some versions of the widely-used OpenSSL software. This problem is now commonly referred to as Heartbleed. At Planio, we have taken steps immediately to mitigate the...

The all new planio has arrived 1

The all new Planio has arrived!

March 03, 2014

I am happy to announce that we have rolled out a major new version of Planio today. We have been working long and hard behind the scenes for this release. As it also encompasses some major technical framework upgrades and switches, we should see a...

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Introducing planio issue short links 1

Introducing Planio Issue Short Links

December 26, 2013

Happy holidays everyone. This is a short feature update we released over the holidays. Following our eat your own dog food approach, we mainly built this for ourselves here at Planio, but we thought it may be worthwhile sharing it with you as well...

Repository Web Hooks are here!

December 07, 2013

You've asked for it and we listened. Many of you are using Planio's hosted Git and Subversion repositories in combination with external services, such as continuous integration or build servers. In order to avoid polling in these scenarios, it is helpful...

New API for Planio customer companies and contacts

November 19, 2013

I am pleased to announce that we have added a REST-style API for customer companies and customer contacts to Planio. Using this API, developers can programmatically list, read, create, update, and delete companies and contacts in Planio. This could...

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10 discount on git tower for planio users 1

10% Discount on Git Tower for Planio users

June 26, 2013

As you may know, Planio comes with unlimited awesomely hosted private Git repositories which are included in all plans. Even the free-for-life Bronze plan offers unlimited free Git repos for two users. Now, together with our friends at fournova, we...

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Meet the team support specialist louise engel 1

Meet the Team: Support Specialist Louise Engel

Brian Sheehan
June 20, 2013

Louise Engel is the newest member of the Planio team and brings with her a great insight into delivering awesome customer service. Louise's experience working in technical support at one of Berlin's 5-star hotels enables her to view technical issues...