A data safe dropbox alternative git 1

A Data-Safe Dropbox Alternative: Git + SparkleShare

Thomas Carney
January 05, 2016

Update: With Planio Storage there now is an even better alternative to Dropbox. Using SparkleShare with Planio still works but is no longer supported. Dropbox is probably the best known cloud storage provider on the market. But it comes with a catch...

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Cross browser testing how to guide 1

Cross-Browser Testing: A Practical How-To Guide

Thomas Carney
December 22, 2015

There’s an old internet rumor that the total cost of supporting Internet Explorer 6 would have handily covered the cost of a manned expedition to Mars. I had a quick look in our Google Analytics account, and I’m happy to say that over the last year...

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From developer to manager and back again 1

From Developer to Manager and Back Again

Thomas Carney
December 09, 2015

You start out as a developer, and your job is to develop a new feature, to write a few tests and fix some bugs. You might work with a designer. You’ll have interactions with managers of various titles such as product owners or product managers. Ideally...

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Issue tracking principles processes 1

Principles and Processes for Smooth Issue Tracking

Thomas Carney
November 26, 2015

A well-organized issue tracker will make it easier to handle issues that arise in your company. Issues such as customer support requests get lost in a sea of email. That’s where issue trackers step in. They let you track an issue from creation to closure...

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We just released a brand new planio user interface 1

We Just Released a Brand New Planio User Interface

Thomas Carney
November 09, 2015

When you log in to your account, you’ll see the option to switch on the new user interface of Planio in the sidebar if you are an administrator. Before we get into the details, here’s a preview of what it looks like: Pretty, right? So, What’s New in the...

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An Introduction to Scrum

Thomas Carney
October 28, 2015

Update: We've published a new blog post with the ultimate hands-on guide on how to implement Scrum in your team. Scrum evolved out of a problem: software projects were coming in way over budget and way too late. A team would have a software project...

Max schrems

End of Safe Harbor – The Consequences

Thomas Carney
October 19, 2015

The CJEU's Recent Ruling and their Consequences for Organizations in Europe What was Safe Harbor About? EU organizations are not allowed to transfer personal data to countries outside the EU unless they guarantee adequate levels of protection. Safe...

Use git commit messages to improve your planio 1

Use Git Commit Messages to Improve Your Planio Workflow

Thomas Carney
September 29, 2015

Git is tightly integrated into Planio. You can manually link a Git commit to an issue in Planio in the repository viewer. You might want to avoid this duplication of effort and save some time. You can reference particular issues, update issue statuses...

Client relationship management 1

Client Relationship Management: Avoiding the “Black Box” Problem

Thomas Carney
September 21, 2015

Here’s how clients often experience hiring outside talent for projects: they agree to pay you a huge amount of money for a result they’d like. They throw a few vague requirements over the wall to you, because they’re a little hazy on the actual details...

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