Planio 101 how to create a new project 1

Planio 101: How to Create a New Project

Brian Sheehan
April 23, 2013

Over the last year we've discussed many exciting features within Planio, many of which are brand new (CC Additional Contacts, New Mini Features), several are quite Project Manager-friendly (Milestones & Roadmaps), and others are just downright awesome...

New feature cc additional contacts in the help 1

New Feature: CC Additional Contacts in the Help Desk

Brian Sheehan
March 31, 2013

A new set of mini-features have been added to Planio and we're excited to tell you about them! The focus of these new features is the recognition of additional contacts; essentially, Planio now supports the specification of secondary contacts (and...

New mini features 1

New Mini-Features

Brian Sheehan
March 12, 2013

We've recently introduced a trio of new mini-features that are designed to aesthetically please (image attachment thumbnails), keep you up-to-date on upcoming issue due dates (day setting for e-mail reminders), and provide more flexibility with a project...

The planio calendar 1

The Planio Calendar

Brian Sheehan
February 11, 2013

The number of calendars we see in our day-to-day lives can be quite ubiquitous; they're just everywhere! Although it's important for all of us to (at least) have a general idea of what day it is, Project Managers in particular need to keep a constant...

Did you know planio has always had blogs 1

Did you know: Planio has (always had) blogs!

Jan Schulz-Hofen
January 16, 2013

Since forever, Planio has had a very powerful but often overlooked feature: the Blog app. Seemingly, the problem was that it went by a little less common term called "News" which nobody really knew what to do with. So, now we've renamed the feature...

Using the gantt chart 1

Using the Gantt Chart

Brian Sheehan
January 15, 2013

The Planio Gantt Chart is a schedule management tool for visualizing multiple issues and projects in terms of overall progress, time spent, and current status. Thanks to Planio's filtering capability, coupled with the chart's tight integration with...

Using milestones roadmaps 1

Using Milestones & Roadmaps

Brian Sheehan
December 28, 2012

Today's post is dedicated to Project Managers — those hard-working individuals tasked with managing the ebb & flow of projects, teams, and deadlines. Although Planio's features can be used by all, there is a pair of tools that PMs will particularly...

Using planio help desk part 4 1

Using Planio Help Desk (Part 4)

Brian Sheehan
December 06, 2012

Update: We’ve created a new video and text tutorial on the Help Desk app that you can see by clicking here. In our final installment of the Using the Help Desk series, we'll talk about how to use your own custom e-mail address in the Help Desk and also...

Using planio help desk part 3 1

Using Planio Help Desk (Part 3)

Brian Sheehan
November 15, 2012

Update: We’ve created a new video and text tutorial on the Help Desk app that you can see by clicking here. Today we'll pick-up where we left off in Part 2 and discuss how to define some useful Help Desk settings. These steps will typically be done...

Using planio help desk part 2 1

Using Planio Help Desk (Part 2)

Brian Sheehan
November 03, 2012

Update: We’ve created a new video and text tutorial on the Planio Help Desk app that you can see by clicking here. As you recall, in our last Planio Tricks post we enabled the Help Desk for use and demonstrated how Planio automatically created a new...