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Quick Start Tutorial

This tutorial will give you a good overview on how you can set up Redmine for first-time users. You'll keep things simple, so you can focus on getting things done.

Get Productive with Planio in 10 Minutes

Introduction to Issues Tutorial

You can break down projects and work into issues. Redmine focuses on these issues. Each issue has a tracker, subject, status and priority. You can add due dates, percentage completed and much more. You can also link issues to each other. You'll learn more in our tutorial on issues.

Learn All About Issues

Create a Custom Workflow Tutorial

Workflows let you set a standard process for recurring tasks in your company. For example, you could create a custom workflow for vacation requests in Redmine. This tutorial will bring you through the steps to creating a workflow in Redmine.

Create a Custom Workflow for Recurring Tasks


Luis Ferrao シニアソリューションエンジニア, CNETコンテンツソリューション


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