Persuade people

The best ways to persuade people

Belle Beth Cooper
January 25, 2017

I get really nervous about asking people for things. I hate confrontation, and I find it uncomfortable to ask for a favor or to try to persuade someone of my point of view. It turns out, I'm not alone. Most people don't like asking others for favors...

Tetris high score

QA in Software Engineering

Thomas Carney
January 09, 2017

"tetris" by Nicolas Esposito, CC BY 2.0 When software crashes, you are increasingly likely to lose more than your high score in Tetris. Our cars, our airplanes, and health care systems all rely more and more on software. As Marc Andreessen says,...

Kanban boards the psychology of cards 1

Kanban Boards: the Psychology of Cards

Thomas Carney
April 28, 2016

You see the whiteboard covered with tiny little cards arranged in columns below? You’re looking at a Kanban board. And it might just change everything about how you work. Kanban originated in the 1950s when Toyota revolutionized how they manufactured...


An Introduction to Scrum

Thomas Carney
October 28, 2015

Update: We've published a new blog post with the ultimate hands-on guide on how to implement Scrum in your team. Scrum evolved out of a problem: software projects were coming in way over budget and way too late. A team would have a software project...

Build your own project management course 1

Build Your Own Project Management Course

Thomas Carney
August 04, 2015

What would being better at running projects mean to you? What if you became a project management expert? What if you built your own project management course, skipping expensive fees and jumped straight to project guru status? Well, you’d start to get...

6 ethical persuasion techniques for project 1

6 ethical persuasion techniques for project managers

Thomas Carney
June 22, 2015

It’s tough managing projects. You get input from the CEO, sales, marketing, support and customers, while trying to come up with a realistic plan about how to make the project happen. Your role feels more like a cattle herder when you’re trying to coax...

Show me the cloud money 1

Show me the (Cloud) Money!

Brian Sheehan
September 14, 2012

As described in 6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Go Cloud, the "Cloud" is here, it's not going anywhere and, in fact, has been around since the 90s! Like any relatively new technology, it still takes time for things to catch on... Partly...