The mission critical view 1

The Mission Critical View

Brian Sheehan
June 29, 2012

The Planio issue screen is like a superhero — it can perform amazing technical feats that will astound your friends and evoke fear & trepidation in your foes! It's also really good at filtering, customizing and grouping. We touched on this briefly...

Got issues 1

Got Issues?

Brian Sheehan
June 26, 2012

In our last "Planio Tricks" article series, we talked about the wonderful world of trackers and how they can be selected, edited, viewed and grouped. Today we'll step back and have a look at new issues and introduce the different parameters you'll...

Project directory 1

Project Directory

Brian Sheehan
June 22, 2012

by Oliver Widder at Geek&Poke Sound familiar? You may be interested in Planio's File Sharing features :-)

How are we doing 1

How are we doing? Honestly!

June 21, 2012

Photo by Kenny Louie on flickr Hey everyone, it’s Jan - CEO at Planio - I’d like to use this post for a quick survey among our clients on how we are doing. We’re working hard every day to make your projects run smoother and be more fun. But do we...

Trackers viewing and grouping 1

Trackers: Viewing and Grouping

Brian Sheehan
June 14, 2012

Now that you've mastered selecting and editing trackers, let's check out how to view trackers and group by tracker. Viewing and Grouping Since every issue is married to a tracker, you can view tracker information by simply clicking Issues in the...

Selecting and editing trackers 1

Selecting and Editing Trackers

Brian Sheehan
June 13, 2012

Planio Trackers provide a great way to organize and keep track of your issues. You can think of trackers as issue types, global issue categories, or maybe just a neat way to separate your bugs from your tasks. In short, they bring order to your project...

Welcome! Willkommen! Bonjour!

Brian Sheehan
June 12, 2012

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to introduce the... <drum roll please>... Planio Blog! An environment where we will explore new horizons, forge new vistas, and strive to make our mark on the canvas of thought! Well… in actuality, we’ll mostly...